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Full text of "Minutes of the fourteenth annual session of the Central Liberty Baptist Association (Ala.) 1898"

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SEPTEMBER 29th and 30th, and OCTOBER ist, 1898. 

R. E. Howard, Clerk, 
Duncanville, Ala. 

F. M. HoBSON, Mod., 

Hagler, Ala. 

Burton & Weatherford, Printers, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 


The ministers and delegates composing the Central Liberty Associa- 
tion met in its 14th session, on Thursday before the ist Sabbath in 
October, 189S, with South Sandy Church. The introductory sermon 
was preached by Rev. T. B. Sumner, from the 5th chapter and i6th 
verse of St. Matthew — "Let your light so shine before men that they 
may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven." 

Adjourned one hour for dinner, which was prepared and at the 
church, after which the delegates assembled in the house. 

The former moderator. Rev. F. M. Hobson, took his seat and offered 
prayer. Called the body to order and declared it partially organized 
and ready for business. 

Called for the letters from the various churches. The letters were 
presented and read by brethren R. E. Howard and S. P. Sumner, and 
the names of delegates enrolled as follows : 
Haysop— J. W. Hubbard, John Hubbard, vS C. Hubbard, fS. D. Thomson, tj. W. 

South Sandy— S. P. Sumner, W. h. Dockery, H. J. Dockery, G. B. Dockery. 
Union -Rev. J. R. Wiggins, J. M. Greathouse, J. B. Keeton, fM. E. Doss, B. F, 

Kirkley, W. T. Hallman (alternate). 
Pleasant Hill— F. M. Johnston, M. C. Hester, fL. A Jenkins, fB. F. Coaley, J. A. 

Johnston (alternate). 
Mount Pleasant— J. M. Geddy, W. M. Tingle, tS. D. Geddy, tJ. W. Snipes (alt.) 
Shady Grove — R. Mathews, Carsner Mathews, R. E. Howard. 
Mulberry— J W. Caddell, A. J Mayfield, tB. A. Caddell, Harvey Hallman. 
Pine Flat — tNorman .Morrison, W. C. Morrison, tB. C. Latner, D. Johnson (alt.) 
Liberty— Rev. F. M. Hobson, J. H. Deweese, C. T. Ragland. 

On motion the vacancies of delegates were filled by the brethren 
present — Mt. Pleasant, W. P. Phifer; Mulberry, Rev. A. D. Fikes. 

A letter was presented from Spring Hill church, which was read 
and names of delegates enrolled as follows: fj. M. Barnett, tW. Lake, 
fB. F. Boggs, tR. M. Arnold, fA. J. Evans. 

Went into the election of a Moderator and Cleik to serve during the 
session, which was done by ballot, and resulted in the choice of Rev. 
F. M. Hobson moderator, and R. E. Howard clerk. 

Read the constitution, abstract of principles, and rules of decorum. 

The Moderator appointed the following committees : 
Arrangement of Business — J. M. Greathouse. Rev. T. B. Sumner, J. H. Deweese, 

with the Moderator and Clerk. 
Finance-J. W. Caddell, S. P. Sumner. J. \V. Hubbard. 

Devotion — C. T. Ragland, Samuel Hubbard, W. M. Tingle, with the deacons of 

South Sandy Church. 
Documents— T. B. vSumner, A. D. Fikes, W. M. Tingle. 
Called for report on devotion.- 

Prayer-meeting to-morrow morning at lo o'clock led by A.J.Mayfield ; Preach- 
ing at II by Rev A. D. Fikes. 

On motion, adjourned till 9 o'clock to-morrow morning. 
Friday morning at 9 o'clock, met pursuant to adjournment. Prayer 
meeting conducted by Bro. A. J. Mayfield. After prayers, a short 
recess was taken, then reassembled in the house. The Moderator 
called the body to order and offered prayer. 

Called for report on Arrangement of Business, which was as follows: 
We, your Committee on Arrangements, beg leave to report that you take up 
and transact business in the following order: 
Open the door for correspondence 
Return correspondence. 
Call the roll and mark abssntees. 
Call for report on missions. 
Call for report on Sabbath schools. 
Call for report on education. 
Call for report on temperance. 
Call for report on finance. 
Call for report of the committee on documents. 

10. We suggest that you consent as a body to the sending out of a missionary 
to preach throughout the Central Liberty Association, as an evangelist. 

11. Open the door for general business. R. E. Howard, Chairman. 
On motion, discussion of above report was suspended for preaching 

by Rev. A D. Fikes, who preached a short but interesting sermon 
from the 4th chapter of I. Thes.salonians, loth verse. 

Adjourned one hour to partake of dinner. 

At the expiration of the time given, the delegates reassembled in 
the house, the Moderator in the chair. The body resumed business. 
The discussion of the report on Arrangement of Business was taken 
up, followed by several speeches. On motion, the discussion was 
closed and the report adopted. 

Opened the door for correspondence, and on motion corresponded 
with Tuscaloosa, Mulberry and Harmony Associations : 
Tuscaloosa — Rev F. M. Hobson, J. A: Shuttlesworth, and Rev. T. B. Sumner. 
Mulberry — ^J. M. Greathouse, J. H. Deweese, and Rev. F. M. Hobson. 
Harmony — R. Mathews : 

Roll called and absentees marked thus, f. 

Called for report on Sabbath schools, which was as follows : 

In making this report, we have departed somewhat from the beaten paths of 
your former committees. The intention is to bring about more practical results 
along this line. Your committee has observed that where there is a church alive 
to their future happiness and spirituality, and trying to obey and follow their 

Lord and Master in all his commands, and trying to live up to their duty as 
Christians, there j-ou will invariably find a good and prosperous Sabbath school. 
Not formalU' striking at the shadow and missing the substance, but bringing up 
their children according to the admonition of Solomon, "Train up your child in 
the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it." On the 
other hand, w^here churches are living in a cold or careless and indifferent state, 
you will rarely find a Sabbath school that amounts to anything more than a name. 
Your committee has observed that among such churches it is the rule that chil- 
dren go to Sabbath school to be taught the lesson — home study and training 
largely having fallen into disuse. This adds considerably to the work and re- 
sponsibility of the teachers, and on their part calls for thorough preparation, ear- 
nest consecration and devotion to their duties. We are aware that it is difficult 
to find this kind of teachers in this association. If there was more earnest devot- 
edness given to the cause of Sabbath schools b}' our pastors, we would be more 
apt to have good and efficient teachers, and the happiest results would emanate 
as a consequence. Respectfully submitted, J. H. Deweese, Chairman. 

Di.scussion opened by Bro. C. T. Ragland, followed by Bros. J. A. 
vShuttlesworth, J. M. Greathouse, J. R. Wiggins, A. J. Mayfield, and 
h. A. Hester. Discnssion closed, and, on motion, the report was re- 
ceived and adopted. 

Called for report on Fnance. The committee reported $15.60 rec'd. 

Called for report of Devotional Committee: The committee reported 
that Rev. F. M. Hobson preach to-morrow morning at 11 o'clock. 

The report of the Committee on Missions reported : 

Missions is a subject that a great deal has been said about and a great deal 
written upon Yet many and very many of us are still anti-missionaries, and we 
should from our lethargy and let our light shine and show- what we are, 
for by our fruits are we known. 

On motion, adjourned the discussion of above report until to-morrow 
morning at g o'clock. 

Saturday morning, met pursuant to adjournment. Prayer by Bro. 
J. A. Shuttlesworth. The Moderator in the chair. The subject of 
missions was takeii up, the discussion opened by Bro. A. J. Mayfield, 
followed by Bros J. A. Shuttlesworth, Rev. T. B. Sumner, and J. H. 
Deweese. The discussion closed and the report was adopted. 

A motion was made to tak i up a collection for missions to-day, at 
the close of the sermon. 

Called for report on Editcation, and Rev. T. B. Sumner offered the 
following report. 

Very Dear Brethren — Through your request I attempt to write upon the all-im- 
portant subject of education. My short experience and brief observation unite 
in telling me that this is a day of educational improvement and enlightenment. 
Oh, brethren, oh, friends, let me, as one who loves you, urge upon you the neces- 
sity and importance of educating yourselves, and especially your children. Being 
poor and without means gives you but little excuse for illiteracy. In fact, educa- 
tion is surrounding vou on every hand ; education is knocking at your door. God 

help us to bring ourselves and our children from darkness to light, and from ig- 
norance to knowledge. Young men, we must educate ; our friends and our asso- 
ciates are educating, and why not we? God grant that this association may be 
aroused upon this noble subject, is the humble prayer of T. B. Sumner. 

On motion, the report was received and adopted. Discussion opened 
by Rev. T.' B. vSumner, followed by Bros. A D. Fikes, J. A. Shuttles- 
worth, and A. J. Greathouse. 

The Temperance Committee made the following report : 

The subject of temperance is one that has been before the Christian world for 
many years, and is one in which every Christian should be interested, but it is a 
sad fact that the importance of temperance is so much neglected by Baptists that 
many so-called good Baptists are found in a degraded state of intoxication. This 
should not be so. Baptists are accused by other denominations as being tipplers, 
and even of being drunkards. Now, let us, as Baptists, prove to the world that 
we are opposed to the monster that so often degrades our young men, makes or- 
phans of our children, and broken-hearted widows of our wives. May the time 
speedily come when we, as a Baptist denomination, shall be known as a temperate 
people. Respectfully submitted, S. P. Sumner. 

The opening speech was made by Bro. S. P. Sumner, followed by 
Bros. j. M. Greathouse and A. J. Mayfield, after which, on motion, 
the report was received and adopted. 

The Committee on Documents reported : 

We find nothing of real interest to report. Mount Pleasant calls for the next 
association. Shady Grove calls for the next session, through her delegates. Nearly 
all the churches report good Sabbath schools, yet some have tailed to mention 
them in their letters. We urge upon the clerks to mention Sabbath schools in 
their letters to the association. No one liberated, licensed, or ordained to preach 
since the last association. T B. Sumner, Chairman. 

On motion, the report was received and the committee discharged. 

The next session of this body will convene with the Shady Grove 
Church, on Thursda}- before the ist Sabbath in October, 1899, about 
18 miles south-east of Tuscaloosa, on the upper Marion road. Rev. 
A. D. Fikes to preach the introductoiy sermon; J. R. Wiggins, alt. 

The next annual district meeting of this association will meet with 
Pine Flat Church, on Friday before the 2nd Sabbath in September, 
1899. Rev. A. D. Fikes to preach the introductory sermon; J. R. 
Wiggins, alternate. Subject for discussion : "Ought we Baptists to 
entertain those who preach corrupt doctrines, especially the Mormons." 
Opened by B. C. Latner. 

A short recess was given, after which reassembled in the house for 
preaching by Rev. F. M. Hobson, 'who preached an interesting ser- 
mon, from II. Timothy, 2nd chapter, 2nd verse. His subject was 
"The Christian's Warfare." At the close of the sermon a collection 
was taken, and the result was, for missions, $7.51; orphanage, $5.76. 

(Note — The amount reported b\- the association for orphanage was $6.74, but on 
counting after arriving at honit.', Iho. Deweese fountl only $5.76. — Clerk. ) 

Adjourned one hour for dinner, at the expiration of which time the 
delegates re-assembled in the honse, the Moderator in the chair, and 
proceeded with business. 

Appointed the following Committees to report at the next session: 

On Sabbath Schools— A. J. Mayfield. 

On Temperance — ^J. M. Greathouse. 

On Missions -J. W. Caddcll. 

On Education — ^J. H. Deweese. 

On motion, agreed not to have the minutes read, but instructed the 
clerk to revise and have 300 copies printed, and retain $5 for services. 

Resolved, That this association tender its most heartfelt thanks to the brethren 
and sisters of South Sandy Church for the hospitalitj' so abundantly extended to 
us, and for their kindness during our stay among them. 

The association having completed the business, motioned to adjourn 
to meet at the time and place before stated. Bowed in praj^er led by 
Bro. J. H. Deweese. Sung an appropriate hj-mn, extending to each 
other the parting hand, and the Spirit of the Living God was mani- 
fested by this people. 

R. E- Howard, F. M. Hobson, 

Clerk. Moderator. 


Article i We believe in only one true and living God, the Father, the Word, 
and the Holy Ghost. 

2 We believe that the Scriptures, comprising the Old and New Testament, are 
the Word of God, the only rule of faith and practice. 

3. We believe in the doctrine of Election, and that God chose his people in 
Christ before the foundation of the world. 

4. We believe in the doctrine of original sin. 

5. We believe in man's inability, by his own free will and ability, to recover 
himself from the fallen state in which he is by nature. 

6. We believe that sinners are justified in the sight of God by the imputed 
righteousness of Christ onlj-. 

7. We believe that God's elect shall be called, regenerated, and sanctified by 
the Holy Ghost. 

8 We believe that the Saints shall be preser\-ed in Grace, and never fall finally 

9. We believe that Baptism and the Lord's Supper are Ordinances of Jesus 
Christ, and the true believers are the only subjects of Baptism, and that bj- Im- 
mersion is the only Apostolic mode. 

10. We believe that our Lord and Master washed his desciples' feet; we ought 
to wash one another's feet. 

ir. We believe in the resurrection of the dead, and in the General Judgment, 
and that the felicity of the righteous and the punishment of the wicked will be 

12. We believe that no minister has any right to administer the ordinances of 
the Church, but one who is regularly baptized, called, and comes under 
the imposition of the hands of Presbytery. 

13. We believe that none but regularly baptized members have a right to com- 
mune at the L/Ord's Table. 


ARTiciyE I. The Association shall be opened and closed with prayer. 

2. A Moderator and Clerk shall be chosen by the members present. 

3. The Moderator shall be considered a judge of order, and shall have a dis- 
cretionary right to call a member to order at any time. 

4. A member not satisfied with his decision, may appeal to the Association on 
the same day, but at no other time. 

5 But one member shall speak at a time, who shall rise to his feet, address the 
Moderator, and, on obtaining permission, proceed. 

6. The Moderator, when addressed by a member for permission to speak, shall 
signify the same in naming the person, or otherwise. 

7. No member shall be interrupted while speaking, unless he depart from the 
subject, or use words of personal refleciion. Uvery motion made and seconded 
shall come under the consideration of the Association, unless withdrawn by him 
who made it. 

8. Every case taken up by the Association shall be decided on or witlidra-\vn 
before another shall be offered. 

9. When a question is taken up, after allowing time for the debates, the Mode- 
rator shall take the voice of the Association on the subject in such mode as he 
may determine. 

10. Any member wishing to retire shall obtain permission of the Moderator. 

11. No member shall speak more than twice on the same proposition, without 
permission of the Association, nor shall any proposition be made to close the 
subjects until the debates h.-we been carried 'through. 

12. The appellation of "Brother" shall be used in the Association by members 
in their address to one another. 

13. The names of members shall be called as often as the Association may 

14. No member shall be tolerated in any practice which tends to interrupt 
public speaking. 

15. The Moderator shall be entitled to the same privilege of speaking as any 
other member, provided he appoint another to his seat during the time, but he 
shall not vote on any question unless the Association be equally divided. 

16. Any member violating these rules, shall be reproved by the Moderator, as 
directed by the Association but only on the day the breach shall have been made. 

17. These rules shall be read at the opening of every session of the Associa- 
tion, and shall be altered and amended when a majority of the members shall 
deem it necessary. 

Rec'd of R. E. Howard, clerk, $6.50, for 300 of these minutes. — B. & W. 

South Sand 
Pleasant Hi 
Pine Flat.. 
Shady Grov 




Mulberry .. 
Spring Hill 

Mt Plpasan 





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Dis. b)"^ letter. 

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Previous No. 

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Money sent.